E. Chromi

I saw this cool collaboration when I was visiting Eindhoven during the Dutch Design week. E. Chormi is a collaboration between designers and scientists in the new field of synthetic biology. With this technology you can now simply by drinking a yoghurt drink determine if you have a particular bacteria that makes you ill. The […]

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Empowered patient 2

DIY diagnosis Patients can now analyse their symptoms or conditions with new health technologies. This information, which combines sensor technologies with mobile applications, can determine whether it is necessary to visit a doctor’s visit or to determine which treatment can be used. Health support Service helps patients before, during and after their treatments. These tools […]

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Empowered patient

Armed with a greater degree of knowledge about their lifestyle and conditions, people are taking a more central role in determining when they interact with the healthcare system and how their care is delivered. Patients arm their selves with technologies and social communities that help them to gather valuable advice or self-diagnose so they do […]

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Food artist Tisha Cherry

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about artists who make artworks out of food. I would love to put Tisha Cherry in the spotlights. She makes portraits of famous hip hoppers. With only some ketchup or peanut butter she recreates RKelly or JayZ. You should check her out on her Instagram Tisha Cherry.  

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Upstream Doctors

A couple of weeks ago I read an article about new initiatives that treat health issues at their source. They call themselves ‘upstream doctors’, working to beat sickness and disease at their source, before people are affected. One group of the upstream healthcare movement is the startup called HealthBegins. It is a self-described ‘think and […]

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Food art

In the Netherlands one third of the food is wasted. Reasons for wasting foods are because of cosmetic imperfections, experiment dates which are too strict or simply because of a surplus in supply. Some causes are from the consumers side but supermarkets are involved as well. There is a variety of initiatives who try to […]

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Organizing food

Our first experience of food is usually how it looks, then how it smells and lastly how it tastes. That is why there are food stylists for cookbooks and magazines; who make those dishes look so appealing that you salivate at the very look of them and make you want to buy the book. Nobody understands […]

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