Textile grows from mushrooms?

In my previous post Living Fabrics I wrote that the textile industry will move to China. Therefore designers are experimenting with new techniques so that textile get’s a deeper dimension. But there is now a new development in the field of textiles. A new organic textile has been developed that is grown from mushroom spores […]

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The Green Gateway

What it Is: This proposal for the Taichung City Cultural Center serves as a cultural hub for visitors, locals, major community gatherings, tourism, and events. It’s an appreciation for the outdoors, the open architecture and green areas make it an intersection of nature and innovative tech. An expression of the city’s appreciation for the outdoors, […]

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The Upcycle

What it is: The Upcycle is a company that transforms bikes to new bikes. Every year thousands of bicycles in the Netherlands are deleted by municipalities. Then these bikes are demolished. This is not sustainable. The goal of The Upcyle is trying to find a new destination for all parts of a bicycle. They use […]

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  What it is: Sanergy is a social venture that aims to build a sustainable sanitation network throughout Nairobi’s slums, by creating a network of local entrepreneurs who run small-scale sanitation centers. 10 million people in Kenya live in slums and only 80 % do not have adequate sanitation. Sanergy produces electricity and fertilizer by […]

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What it is: Streetline has produced a sensor-based real-time parking application for your smartphone. ParkSight provides everything cities need to understand their parking ecosystems and take effective action for improvement. Optimize parking availability, quality of life, environmental impact, and revenue with ParkSight from Streetline! Sensors are embedded in the pavement near parking spots and constantly […]

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