The Quarterlifers 2/4

Start-up club A rollercoaster that is how a Quarterlifer will describe his working life. No certainty of income or a dreamjob after you finish college. Status will be realised with an enterprising attitude and by taking initiative. Work will focus on tasks and a year contract will disappear. Due to the digitalisation work becomes more […]

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Stoner culture

People often see marijuana as a problem. I am happy to see that this mind-set is shifting to a new perspective, business instead of an issue. All sorts of people are embracing the so called ‘stoner’ culture and different start-ups see this development as an opportunity. For example the Denver Post has now its own […]

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Sensory Fiction

The Sensory Fiction, book that allows you to feel what the characters feel. Though reading a book and reading only was once enough, the new generation’s shortened attention span demands a more holistically stimulating experience. Thus, consumers and artists are finding ways to combine sensory experiences to make for a new-aged, comprehensive method of entertainment. […]

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Ursus Wehrli is an artist who tidies up art. He creates a playfully absurd solution towards at least providing some clarity where art makes the least sense. Many people need structure and guidance due the Stress Society. People are constantly agitated by external influences. Due to structure people will become less sensitive for these sort […]

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DDW 2013

Dementia, a trending topic at the Graduation Show of the Dutch Design Week. The number of people with dementia is growing steadily and will increase further in the future. This topic seemed to have inspired students of the Design Academy in Eindhoven. There were 3 students that stood out for me. Sanne Ree Barthels wants […]

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The Metro Cuff

What it Is: Designhype is a product design company which delights in the creation of playful & intelligent objects for the joy of everyone. The Metro Cuff series helps locals and tourists alike feel comfortable navigating the subway system with an inconspicuous gesture, just like checking a watch. The subway lines, numbers, and streets are […]

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  What it is: Sanergy is a social venture that aims to build a sustainable sanitation network throughout Nairobi’s slums, by creating a network of local entrepreneurs who run small-scale sanitation centers. 10 million people in Kenya live in slums and only 80 % do not have adequate sanitation. Sanergy produces electricity and fertilizer by […]

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