What it Is: CoverFi is a portable wireless router that resolves a number of issues like low battery levels and charging inconveniences. The smart device uses solar energy to power itself and utilizes wireless charging technology. The device is basically meant to give you WiFi connectivity even when you are working outside ore any other […]

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The Metro Cuff

What it Is: Designhype is a product design company which delights in the creation of playful & intelligent objects for the joy of everyone. The Metro Cuff series helps locals and tourists alike feel comfortable navigating the subway system with an inconspicuous gesture, just like checking a watch. The subway lines, numbers, and streets are […]

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The Windcatcher

What it Is: Ryan Frayne’s Windcatcher system inflates in just a few seconds with a valve that never touches your mouth. When you blow into the gaping mouth of the Windcatcher valve, a stream of fast moving, low pressure air is created. High pressure air round about is attracted to low pressure areas and pulled […]

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What it Is: Before we had laptops and tablets, we only worked with paper. Paper doesn’t like the outdoors – it blows around, blinds the eye. Heavy metal filling cabinets were also essential to office work, and they couldn’t possibly be brought outdoors. Now, with a laptop or iPad, you can do serious work outside. […]

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