Silicone knitwear

Plump pastel silicone garments moulded from knitwear feature in this collection by Royal College of Art graduate Xiao Li. “Traditional knitwear is more soft and shapeless,” Li told . “I wanted to find out a new way to present knitwear and was influenced by Modern architecture and 60s Balenciaga.” The voluminous pieces are made from spacer […]

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Textile grows from mushrooms?

In my previous post Living Fabrics I wrote that the textile industry will move to China. Therefore designers are experimenting with new techniques so that textile get’s a deeper dimension. But there is now a new development in the field of textiles. A new organic textile has been developed that is grown from mushroom spores […]

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The textile industry will move to China. However China can’t copy the knowledge Europe has gained about textiles so fast. They will only make basic textile. If this trend continuous there will be a textile-free period in Europe. That’s why designers are encouraged to let textile revive. Textiles are no longer seen as just fabrics but […]



Sockets do not need to be hidden in plinths or behind cabinets. Lotte Douwes shows a way how we can let sockets enrich our home environment. The shapes and colors refer to nature, the source of our energy. They are meant to be shown and are soft and colorful designed. They can hang freely in […]

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