No more street fundraising

It becomes harder and harder not to donate money to a charity or help people in your area. Here are some examples: The 22 year old student, Zander Whitehurst, has designed a system (common pence) that has made I possible to donate your residual money on for example your ov chip, or in this case a […]

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Stoner culture

People often see marijuana as a problem. I am happy to see that this mind-set is shifting to a new perspective, business instead of an issue. All sorts of people are embracing the so called ‘stoner’ culture and different start-ups see this development as an opportunity. For example the Denver Post has now its own […]

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Forever Disney

There’s something about the Disney princesses that we have yet to grow out of. They are the charming girls we grew up with and idolized as we imagined finding our own ‘happily ever afters’. They were the young women we first admired as we watched them walk off into the sunset with their ideal men. Although […]

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Underground mania

Due to the growing urbanization space becomes scarcer because people live closer together. Caused by this several creative ways arise to deal with space in a smart and efficient way. Striking are all underground initiatives. First of all Paris. The ghost stations of Paris are many. Sometimes shut due to a lack of passengers or […]

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Sensory Fiction

The Sensory Fiction, book that allows you to feel what the characters feel. Though reading a book and reading only was once enough, the new generation’s shortened attention span demands a more holistically stimulating experience. Thus, consumers and artists are finding ways to combine sensory experiences to make for a new-aged, comprehensive method of entertainment. […]

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Go Bicycle!

Cycling has become more and more popular during the years. It has developed itself from transportation to a way to express our identity. Because of this increasing popularity people are trying to make cycling more attractive and safe. For example in London Foster + Partners has proposed the SkyCycle network, which would give cyclists a […]

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