No more street fundraising

It becomes harder and harder not to donate money to a charity or help people in your area. Here are some examples: The 22 year old student, Zander Whitehurst, has designed a system (common pence) that has made I possible to donate your residual money on for example your ov chip, or in this case a […]

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Track your health 2

Last week I talked about a new range of tools and incentive systems which lead to a more proactive healthcare system (read it here). I would like to dwell on two important aspects of this trend; holistic tracking and the reward society. Holistic tracking A new class of wearable devices is entering the marketplace that […]

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Track your health

New tools and incentive systems lead to a more proactive healthcare system. People can track and understand their behavior, this will help them to make better lifestyle choices. Wearable and mobile technologies are leveraging advanced sensors and algorithms to provide deeper insights and individualized coaching to activate users around their wellness. With a gamification part […]

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Go Bicycle!

Cycling has become more and more popular during the years. It has developed itself from transportation to a way to express our identity. Because of this increasing popularity people are trying to make cycling more attractive and safe. For example in London Foster + Partners has proposed the SkyCycle network, which would give cyclists a […]

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The Upcycle

What it is: The Upcycle is a company that transforms bikes to new bikes. Every year thousands of bicycles in the Netherlands are deleted by municipalities. Then these bikes are demolished. This is not sustainable. The goal of The Upcyle is trying to find a new destination for all parts of a bicycle. They use […]

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  What it is: Sanergy is a social venture that aims to build a sustainable sanitation network throughout Nairobi’s slums, by creating a network of local entrepreneurs who run small-scale sanitation centers. 10 million people in Kenya live in slums and only 80 % do not have adequate sanitation. Sanergy produces electricity and fertilizer by […]

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