Blue Book Online

What it is: Patients undergoing heart surgery will have access to an unprecedented wealth of data about survival rates and the performance of their surgeon and hospital unit. The Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery (SCTS) is launching a new website (Blue Book Online) aimed at giving precise information on specific operation outcomes. Patients would now be […]

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What it is: is an avant garde, luxury fashion brand that is mostly sustainable, organic and transparent. At, which made its debut Jan. 30, anyone can see a complete description of every material used in the construction of, say, an organic linen jersey knit dress. Not only can clothing choices be filtered for […]

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Tropa Café

What it is: Tropa Cafe is a concept that offers Horeca and coffee bars the opportunity to roast their own coffee. Drinking coffee has to be an experience. Nowadays drinking coffee is boring and doesn’t have an added value. Coffee has to become a festive ending of an enjoyable dinner. Tropa Café wants to give […]

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Sleek Hydroponic

What it is: Nano Garden is a vegetable garden for the apartment kitchen, using hydroponics, so users don’t need to worry about pesticides or fertilizers. Instead of the sunlight, Nano Garden has lighting which promotes the growth of plants. The amount of light, water and nutrient supply is also controllable, so users can decide the […]

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