Food in 50 years

How are we going to feed billions more people by 2050 and increase global food production by 70%? Yes, fake food.. Bio-functional materials are a possible solution for the production of food. For example it is possible to grow a burger in the lab using a few cells from a cow. And someday, it might […]

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Food artist Tisha Cherry

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about artists who make artworks out of food. I would love to put Tisha Cherry in the spotlights. She makes portraits of famous hip hoppers. With only some ketchup or peanut butter she recreates RKelly or JayZ. You should check her out on her Instagram Tisha Cherry.  

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Food art

In the Netherlands one third of the food is wasted. Reasons for wasting foods are because of cosmetic imperfections, experiment dates which are too strict or simply because of a surplus in supply. Some causes are from the consumers side but supermarkets are involved as well. There is a variety of initiatives who try to […]

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Organizing food

Our first experience of food is usually how it looks, then how it smells and lastly how it tastes. That is why there are food stylists for cookbooks and magazines; who make those dishes look so appealing that you salivate at the very look of them and make you want to buy the book. Nobody understands […]

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City of the future

According to Bob Gordon, professor of economics at Northwestern University, we will no longer experience a time of industrial revolution. He claims that the technology we develop now doesn’t have any essential changes. But is this really so? Robots are about to rise and becoming more and more important to our society. Through big data, […]

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Blue Book Online

What it is: Patients undergoing heart surgery will have access to an unprecedented wealth of data about survival rates and the performance of their surgeon and hospital unit. The Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery (SCTS) is launching a new website (Blue Book Online) aimed at giving precise information on specific operation outcomes. Patients would now be […]

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What it is: is an avant garde, luxury fashion brand that is mostly sustainable, organic and transparent. At, which made its debut Jan. 30, anyone can see a complete description of every material used in the construction of, say, an organic linen jersey knit dress. Not only can clothing choices be filtered for […]

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