Silicone knitwear

Plump pastel silicone garments moulded from knitwear feature in this collection by Royal College of Art graduate Xiao Li. “Traditional knitwear is more soft and shapeless,” Li told . “I wanted to find out a new way to present knitwear and was influenced by Modern architecture and 60s Balenciaga.” The voluminous pieces are made from spacer […]

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Plan B

We are stuck and the only solution is to reflect on everything we do. We have tried it all but there seems no solution. The economic crisis has started its 6th year, jobs are decreasing and people start to fear for the future. We are rethinking our values, what is important in life and what […]

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‘All is made of nature’

Rikako Nagashima is an art director and designer. In this project, she made a cotton dress, a shoe horn and a jewel ring with the concept ‘All is made of nature’ with the attempt to show the natural resources of everyday dresses. This project is a typical example of dematerialisation. Physical products don’t give us […]

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The textile industry will move to China. However China can’t copy the knowledge Europe has gained about textiles so fast. They will only make basic textile. If this trend continuous there will be a textile-free period in Europe. That’s why designers are encouraged to let textile revive. Textiles are no longer seen as just fabrics but […]


Personal Design

‘Create more value to your appearance with your own personal story’. Two Dutch Designers, Evelien van Pruissen and Tessa Wagenvoort show us that fashion design isn’t only about beautiful clothing. They introduce us with clothing based on their own life and memories. Evelien van Pruissen took her inspiration for her Graduation collection from her own […]

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Beyond the Body

Beyond the body, a perception of appearance and identity. Imme van der Haak has printed photos of people onto silk shrouds so that the wearer’s image is overlaid with someone else’s face and body. In the movie, you see two female dancers wear the translucent silk garments, which have photos printed of men and women […]

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What it is: is an avant garde, luxury fashion brand that is mostly sustainable, organic and transparent. At, which made its debut Jan. 30, anyone can see a complete description of every material used in the construction of, say, an organic linen jersey knit dress. Not only can clothing choices be filtered for […]

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