No more street fundraising

It becomes harder and harder not to donate money to a charity or help people in your area. Here are some examples:

The 22 year old student, Zander Whitehurst, has designed a system (common pence) that has made I possible to donate your residual money on for example your ov chip, or in this case a oyster card (plastic travel smartcard). Every year millions of pounds worth of value on Oyster Cards is lost, stolen or flown out of the country. With the contactless paying method you can now donate 50 pence by simple waving on a common pence panel. No more street-fundraising and more hassle-free crowdfunding.

But what about the people in your neighborhood? Some people think it is common to have heating in the winter. But unfortunately there are people who can’t afford to heat their home in the winter, or even turn their light on at night. Gridmates is a peer-to-peer network that lets those with excess energy share it with neighbors in need. Find out more on their website!


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