Food in 50 years

How are we going to feed billions more people by 2050 and increase global food production by 70%? Yes, fake food.. Bio-functional materials are a possible solution for the production of food.

For example it is possible to grow a burger in the lab using a few cells from a cow. And someday, it might be possible to grow food from fake plastic cells and get all of the nutrition we need without relying on nature or a farm.

A project that inspired me is from designer Johanna Schmeer. With her project she helps us to imagine how food might look like in the future, inspired by bio-functional materials. Seven different products, which provide everything we theoretically need to survive: water, vitamins, fiber, sugar, fat, protein and minerals are designed in a futuristic way.

It is inspired by scientific research published earlier this year, that shows that it is possible to make a plastic cell that can carry out a chemical reaction. The project is conceptual, and is not technically possible today. But because it is based on scientific research it might be possible in 40 to 50 years. So are we going to eat fake food in the future? It sure looks artificial and very visual. I am looking forward to try some hopefully still with my own teeth!

If you like to experience what food has in store for you, you should visit the Food Experience at Frame store Amsterdam.


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