The Quarterlifers 1/4

The last couple of years we constantly heard the word crisis in the Netherlands. Fortunately, we see the future with a much more positive view in 2015. The economy starts to become more stable, consumer confidence has risen and Thomas Piketty has gotten more influence about his theory about the chasm between poor and rich. The pioneers of ‘the after-crisis period’ are the Quarterlifers, the generation between 25 and 35. The economical crisis, the reconstruction of the society, they have seen it all. In this period they have managed to explore new opportunities for themselves and have become more independent and enterprising. We all want to feel safe but the Quarterlifers have a different understanding of the meaning ‘safe’. Older generations want to have certainty of income but Quarterlifers want to feel another certainty, development and self-actualization. Who am I and what is important? These are questions for the Quarterlifer. What developments have made this new development possible? The funt@sy (maison et objet) trend has made it possible to dream and look at life in a humoristic way. People literally escaped the negativism and dark thoughts. Who would have thought this trend would become a steppingstone to create new ideals and concrete plans for the future? These plans will be further explained in three macro trends (social, education and work) in the following blog posts.


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