Stoner culture

People often see marijuana as a problem. I am happy to see that this mind-set is shifting to a new perspective, business instead of an issue. All sorts of people are embracing the so called ‘stoner’ culture and different start-ups see this development as an opportunity. For example the Denver Post has now its own website dedicated to all things green-leafed, The Cannabist. From reviews about how to knock yourself out with the best weed strains in your area to the latest news on pot. Katie Shapiro, weed style writer at The Cannabist, sees the legalization of marijuana influencing the fashion industry. It is fuelled by creativity and for some, marijuana can fuel that creativity. Now marijuana is legalized I am curious to see how the fashion industry will be influenced by it.

Here are some examples of the stoner trend. And if you are not convinced here is a picture of Baddie Winkle, the pot-loving grandma who took over Twitter last year. She is the 86-year-old who has been stealing your man since 1928. Perfect example for the dying stoner culture.


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