Forever Disney

There’s something about the Disney princesses that we have yet to grow out of. They are the charming girls we grew up with and idolized as we imagined finding our own ‘happily ever afters’. They were the young women we first admired as we watched them walk off into the sunset with their ideal men. Although we are older and wiser now, there is still something about those princesses we just love. Now that we are grown up, it’s fun to see what our Disney princesses would be like if they grew up with us, too.


Some other artists did some interpretations of what Disney’s princesses would look like if they were real. For example Jirka Vinse Jonatan Väätäinen.


Another example is Claire Hummel. She made a twist on our favourite classic animations has Disney ladies in historically accurate regalia. She dug through old photos and illustrations to find out what these princesses would have worn in reality. The result is a happy marriage of slightly altered, elaborated ensembles that still recall the costumes Disney designed.



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