Underground mania

Due to the growing urbanization space becomes scarcer because people live closer together. Caused by this several creative ways arise to deal with space in a smart and efficient way. Striking are all underground initiatives.

First of all Paris. The ghost stations of Paris are many. Sometimes shut due to a lack of passengers or simply never used. In a city where living costs are extremely high and residential properties hard to come by, any means of capitalizing on space should be considered. So Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet came with some ideas to rejuvenate these spaces, by transforming ghost stations in to galleries, restaurants, parks and nightclubs. Building underground seems to solve a lot of problems. Now you can build a nightclub without drawing noise complaints. And underground gardens could give Parisians a place to enjoy nature on a rainy day.

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 22.27.31jardin-660x313

Another example of building underground is growing underground. At growing underground they plan to grow sustainable and fresh micro greens and salad leaves 33 meters under the busy streets of London. Using hydroponic systems and LED technology, their crops can be grown year-round in a pesticide-free environment that the tunnels provide. Because they are the only ‘farm’ in the city their produce is picked, packed and delivered to London markets within just four hours. With this initiative Londoners can get their vegetables faster and it’s better for the environment.


These two examples are just small ones compared to what they are planning to do in Singapore. Singapore is considering building underground to create an extensive, interconnected city, with shopping malls, transportation hubs, public spaces, pedestrian links and even cycling lanes.

So are we going to live underground? According to Dr. Zhao the interim director of the Nanyang Center for Underground Space we will. In the beginning there might be a psychological issue, but as long as we have proper lighting and proper ventilation, gradually people can overcome the idea of working and living underground.



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