Sensory Fiction

The Sensory Fiction, book that allows you to feel what the characters feel.

Though reading a book and reading only was once enough, the new generation’s shortened attention span demands a more holistically stimulating experience. Thus, consumers and artists are finding ways to combine sensory experiences to make for a new-aged, comprehensive method of entertainment. The students of the MIT have developed a product for this new kind of entertainment. They have created a wearable book, named The Sensory Fiction. It uses inexpensive technology and neuroscientific hacking to create a sort of cyberpunk Neverending Story.

The book, senses the page a reader is on, and changes ambient lighting and vibrations to ‘match the mood’. A series of straps form a vest which contains a ‘heartbeat and shiver simulator’, a body compression system, temperature controls and sound. Controlled by a microprocessor, the vest swells, contracts, vibrates, heats up or cools down as the pages of the books are turned. As the character of the story comes into conflict, the vest mirrors her physical or emotional changes in the reader.


Find more information here or watch the movie down below!


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