Go Bicycle!

Cycling has become more and more popular during the years. It has developed itself from transportation to a way to express our identity. Because of this increasing popularity people are trying to make cycling more attractive and safe. For example in London Foster + Partners has proposed the SkyCycle network, which would give cyclists a chance to use routes above London’s crowded streets. Another example is LightLane, a device that clips underneath your bike seat and projects your own personal bike lane as you ride.



But all these examples are only to make cycling safer. Because cycling has become important for people, you now see more creative ways to use the bike. With music! One cool example is artist Johnnyrandom. He turns everyday objects into musical instruments and builds songs from the various sounds that he extracts from those improved instruments. One of his compositions is called Bespoken and it was entirely made with sounds coming from a bicycle. It is a very cool way to make music and a very cool way to use a bike! Another example is the Feats Per Minute. Vinyl records are obviously outdated these days, but with the Feats Per Minute you can make use of an old vinyl record and a bike to play or record music.


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