Silicone knitwear

Plump pastel silicone garments moulded from knitwear feature in this collection by Royal College of Art graduate Xiao Li.

“Traditional knitwear is more soft and shapeless,” Li told . “I wanted to find out a new way to present knitwear and was influenced by Modern architecture and 60s Balenciaga.” The voluminous pieces are made from spacer fabric, which combines two layers of textiles connected by filaments and holds its shape while still appearing lightweight.Li used her own knitting samples to create moulds to produced patterned silicone material used entirely for a jacket and skirt, and as hems or accessories for genuine knitted items. “I wanted to make sure my collection is innovative but still wearable.”

This is another example of my Living Fabrics trend. It is a total new way of looking at textiles. Why use a machine if you can just poor a substation in a mould? It’s faster and you can create all new sorts of shapes.

dezeen_RCA-Fashion-Show-2013-Xiao-Li_11 dezeen_RCA-Fashion-Show-2013-Xiao-Li_7


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