Plan B

We are stuck and the only solution is to reflect on everything we do. We have tried it all but there seems no solution. The economic crisis has started its 6th year, jobs are decreasing and people start to fear for the future. We are rethinking our values, what is important in life and what are new solutions? Therefore we will try the last trick in the hat and turn to plan b.

No more routines and standard rules are being reinvented. The only way out is a positive mind. Absurdism, irony, cynicism and extravagance are keywords that are going to help us to create the society we are longing for. They are guns for destruction, and will lead to the downfall of the fossilised system.

Plan B gives us the possibility to dream and let go, to give in to absurdism and excess, so we can enter a world with hyper form and strong colour, monstrous design. Being weird becomes normal and the freak will be in fashion.


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