Textile grows from mushrooms?

In my previous post Living Fabrics I wrote that the textile industry will move to China. Therefore designers are experimenting with new techniques so that textile get’s a deeper dimension. But there is now a new development in the field of textiles.

A new organic textile has been developed that is grown from mushroom spores and plant fibres. The material is called MYX, from the mycelium: the vegetable part of a mushroom.

The idealism in this project is remarkable. By combining functional products with food production, MYX presents an answer to the waste problem in sustainable product design. Manufacturing products always creates waste. Jonas Edvard, the designer of the material, states that it is one of the responsibilities of designers to show how changing design methods can create a new product experience. I certainly agree.


Myx-food-800pxwidth myxproduktionclosebox


More information: http://jonasedvard.dk/work/myx/


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