‘All is made of nature’

Rikako Nagashima is an art director and designer. In this project, she made a cotton dress, a shoe horn and a jewel ring with the concept ‘All is made of nature’ with the attempt to show the natural resources of everyday dresses.

This project is a typical example of dematerialisation. Physical products don’t give us the satisfaction anymore that they used to give us. It’s becoming more about what’s created about these products and its added value. It’s about intangible values ​​such as meaning and ‘matter’. With this project people will become more concerned and consciousness arises. This also creates socialization.

Appearance will become less important. The inner will become much more important. People shouldn’t look at a dress superficially, but really look at the raw material from which it is made.

cotton-dress-rikako-nagashima-04 cotton-dress-rikako-nagashima-05cotton-dress-rikako-nagashima-02



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