The textile industry will move to China. However China can’t copy the knowledge Europe has gained about textiles so fast. They will only make basic textile. If this trend continuous there will be a textile-free period in Europe. That’s why designers are encouraged to let textile revive. Textiles are no longer seen as just fabrics but are now extended and used in a personal way. Designers are experimenting with new techniques so that the textile has depth. Fabrics come to life, tell stories, show patterns and do the creative revive.

Because of the strongly digitalised society there is an increasing need for tactility and dimension. We are looking for real emotions and want to be surprised by unknown scenarios. We don’t want to look and feel flat screens but we want to give pleasure to our fingers with real textiles.

With this personalisation of textiles textile becomes an important source of emotions. It gives us the possibility to bring back memories of former times. I wrote a while back about Urban Nomads. In the future we will live more and more like Urban Nomads.  Textile gives us the possibility to recreate the world we live in constantly. This helps you to feel home in a new way.

Examples of the Living Fabrics trend:

Soft sockets 1  Soft Sockets









Lia Cook

Lia Cook


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