Personal Design

‘Create more value to your appearance with your own personal story’.

Two Dutch Designers, Evelien van Pruissen and Tessa Wagenvoort show us that fashion design isn’t only about beautiful clothing. They introduce us with clothing based on their own life and memories.

Evelien van Pruissen took her inspiration for her Graduation collection from her own childhood. She grew up with no brothers or sisters. With this collection she created the family she never had. In every outfit there are elements of her childhood, pictures, colours, shapes. She mixed them all together to create a new image.

Tessa Wagenvoort used pictures she made during her travels as starting point for her designs and prints. Emotions like freedom and seclusion, discovering, wonderment are the base of her collection. The collection is called As the crow flies.

People would like to show with their appearance who they are and what they stand for. They do this by personalizing the things they have, for example clothing. There is a need for less superficiality so value can be created for the things we have.

Graduation-collection evelien van pruissen

Evelien van Pruissen











tessa 1

Tessa Wagenvoort









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