Inspiring desks @Most

At Most, an initiative of the British designer Tom Dixon in the Museum of Science and Technique, where sort of dollhouses. The dollhouses seemed to be flexible workspaces equipped by then Japanese designers.


The Koloro desk was used for the base of the project. The Koloro-desk is a small room in which one can create their own space. The desk has windows planted throughout giving it the ability to feel nice and open one day, then cosy and private the next. There are plenty of hooks for mini handbags, lighting fixtures, lots of wall space to hang prized artworks and heaps of room for teddy and friends to play.


10 Japanese designers have freely styled each desk expressing their own unique world where one can go and take a peek into these miniature landscapes. The dollhouses are a mini-office that can be personalized until the last detail.The designers show that you can vary endlessly with this desk. It can be arranged to make a fun play area for kids, a study for dad, a reading for mum, or any other space you can imagine! It’s a very nice alternative for all the boring desktops. It’s time to be inspired in your own workspace, why not try the Koloro-desk!



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