The Windcatcher

What it Is:

Ryan Frayne’s Windcatcher system inflates in just a few seconds with a valve that never touches your mouth. When you blow into the gaping mouth of the Windcatcher valve, a stream of fast moving, low pressure air is created. High pressure air round about is attracted to low pressure areas and pulled inside the mattress. Frayne claims that the volume of air entering the Windcatcher system is at least 10 to 15 times greater than that leaving your lungs – which means more inflating power for less effort. Once inside, the valve prevents the air from escaping. The Windcatcher system includes a manual override, so you can pull out the invertible release and the air escapes much faster, and more completely, than with a conventional valve. The whole thing can be rolled up to about the size of a liter bottle of water, a portable 9 x 3.5 in (23 x 8 cm), and secured with Velcro straps (although a stuff sack is available).

Why it is Cool:

The very fact that the inflation system is so fast makes it a good fit for many indoor/outdoor situations where you might think twice about lugging an air bed around, including lazing in the park, an emergency sleep-over when your flight gets canceled, or camping out for concert tickets. It is easy to carry and you will never have to carry a pump with you.



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