The Metro Cuff

What it Is:

Designhype is a product design company which delights in the creation of playful & intelligent objects for the joy of everyone. The Metro Cuff series helps locals and tourists alike feel comfortable navigating the subway system with an inconspicuous gesture, just like checking a watch. The subway lines, numbers, and streets are embossed into the surface of the metal.

imagesWhy it is Cool:

It is cool because the Metro Cuff makes finding your way very handy. You don’t have to grab a map our have to search for an overview. You only have to watch at your wrist and you know exactly where to go. If you are constantly on the go and you don’t have a CoverFi or any other charger on solar power, the Metro Cuff comes in pretty handy. You can also make a statement with your Metro Cuff en show others that you travel with public transport. That shows that you are involved with the environment. Maybe with the Cuff people will see the public transport as something cool and a way to distinguish themselves. In the future we have to search for different methods to get people more involved with the environment. The Metro Cuff is a fun way to do that.


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