What it Is:

CoverFi is a portable wireless router that resolves a number of issues like low battery levels and charging inconveniences. The smart device uses solar energy to power itself and utilizes wireless charging technology. The device is basically meant to give you WiFi connectivity even when you are working outside ore any other place your are in.


The product is composed of two parts.
The upper UFI part is responsible for launching the Wi-Fi hotspot, and the lower part is a solar battery that collects solar power.
Magnets hold the two parts together.
The rubber cover is fitted with solar panels, which are revealed when unfolded.
The UFI is able to unremittingly provide a Wi-Fi hotspot for a prolonged period.
The solar panel directly transmits electricity to the UFI.
Even if the solar panels are placed outside the tent, the charging function will not be compromised.
The solar panel is a portable charger that is able to temporarily charge a tablet PC (or other smart devices) through a cable.
The UFI has three slots to support digital camera cards, so files can be transferred directly to the tablet PC or mobile phone through the wireless network.

Why it is Cool:

If you are an Urban Nomad you want to work wherever you want. With the CoverFi you are no longer dependent on the location you are moving in. Therefore much more mobile so you no longer have to sit in the same cleans for over 8 hours. You are much more flexible and independent because you can determine which area you want to work in.

The CoverFi has future growth potential because you can combine its technique with so many other things. For example the WorkAway. This way people can be more creative in their way of working. But not only the way we work is changing. The CoverFi also brings people together. First there were only offices which had to be worked in. By working outside you are no longer limited because you don’t have any walls around you. As a result you get in contact with other groups of people so you become socially active.


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