The Upcycle

19716_466161446783154_695350226_n 60396_477633382302627_318618237_n 179274_466169640115668_875671022_nWhat it is:

The Upcycle is a company that transforms bikes to new bikes. Every year thousands of bicycles in the Netherlands are deleted by municipalities. Then these bikes are demolished. This is not sustainable. The goal of The Upcyle is trying to find a new destination for all parts of a bicycle. They use the frames of the old bike to make a new one. The Upcycle also has a second product line namely The Upcycle Family. Here they make bags from bicycle tires. The Upcycle uses the term upcycling. In upcycling old products have been formed into products with more value.

Why it is cool:

The Upcycle is cool because it not only solves the bycicle problem in the Netherlands, it also stimulates the Dutch craft. They only use products that are locally produced. Recycling is not always fun and can sometimes be boring. The upcycle has added a fun factor. All bikes are original so you can stand out from the rest.

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