What it is:

Streetline has produced a sensor-based real-time parking application for your smartphone. ParkSight provides everything cities need to understand their parking ecosystems and take effective action for improvement. Optimize parking availability, quality of life, environmental impact, and revenue with ParkSight from Streetline! Sensors are embedded in the pavement near parking spots and constantly monitor the spot, transmitting data to the cloud when a spot is available. The sensor also has a two-hour parking limit. Streetline shares the sensor data with the city, and when a car overstays its welcome. An enforcement agent is dispatched to that spot.


Why it is cool:

We all have circled a few city blocks, over and over again, searching for a parking spot. While circling you’ve probably felt your own sanity slipping away.

Looking for parking spots in crowded cities is not just maddening, it’s also a big contributor to carbon emissions and therefore, poor air quality. Theoretically, parking meters are no longer necessary and the number of all-day parkers will be reduced. This saves the city considerable resources since it doesn’t need to patrol the streets.

We no longer have to search for a parking space, so we save time. No more stress and more money because on-street parking is cheaper than parking in a parking garage.

Why it has future growth potential:

At the moment new cars have cruise control, auto-parking and sensors to ensure you will keep your distance on the highway. A logical way to proceed is a car, which will drive autonomously. Streetline can provide assistance, by creating an application, which is able to look for parking spots. Therefore, not just your drive is autonomous, but also the search for a parking spot. This in turn will ensure users of cars like these will have far less stress. By also cutting down the time it takes to look for a good parking spot, you will save huge amounts of time. Not just the looking for your parking spot, but also the total freedom of movement while driving. Your car can handle everything, so you can check your e-mail, set-up a meeting etc.


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