Plant Doctor

Plant-Doctor-concept_1What it is:

The Plant Doctor is a monitoring device that monitors the health of a plant. It measures like all other monitors nutrition content, soil moisture and sunlight exposure. But, the Plant Doctor does so much more. It is capable of powering itself using the electrolyte content of the soil. So now you don’t have to use batteries, Plant-Doctor-concept_2no solar cells and no USB hooking! The device also has extremely sensitive soil nutrient sensors that will analyze soil and process information. It quickly scans the leaf of a plant and gives all vital information about the health of the plant.

Why it is cool:

You have tried a 100 different ways to keep your plant alive but he still dies. Extra water, sunlight, less sunlight, you tried it all but it will still not work. How to take care of a plant is for many of us a great mystery.

The Plant Doctor is the perfect solution for your problem. By using the Plant Doctor you exactly know the needs of your plant are. You get to know your plant better this way and you don’t have to spend lots of money on manure that your plant probably doesn’t need. Plants are also very good for the environment. They provide better air purification. So it is not only healthier for the environment, now we also will have a beautiful environment full of healthy plants!

Plant-Doctor-concept_3 Designer: Fan Xu and Du Xubing


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