What it is:

Honestby.com is an avant garde, luxury fashion brand that is mostly sustainable, organic and transparent. At Honestby.com, which made its debut Jan. 30, anyone can see a complete description of every material used in the construction of, say, an organic linen jersey knit dress.

Not only can clothing choices be filtered for criteria like recycled or European origin, but the details of each supplier are diligently detailed, including items like the number of employees and how long it took to cut and to iron the garment. The price of components from raw materials to transport is listed, plus the markup. Organic certificates are posted and explained, along with analysis of each product’s carbon footprint. The clothes are expensive, the organic linen knit dress, for example, is 656.04 euros. The price breakdown shows, that the dress, including the thread, various labels an the tag with its safety pin, cost 135,54 euros, with wholesale and retail markups added on top. Honest by continuously offers new collections from established and upcoming designers, wiring in collaboration with them, realizing the power in unity and numbers.  This idea is new, and on course considering this new age we are being ushered into.

honestby-8-600x899 honestby-6-600x899









Why it is cool:

How it’s made and where it comes from are questions consumers are asking across so many areas of their lives, from food to furniture to fashion. Transparency isn’t the only thing what’s important in this line. Twenty percent of the profits will go to charity, currently a children’s organization in southern India. Honestby also conducts extensive research into the sources of the raw materials, tracing back the origins of fabrics and trimmings used in the products to be certain that every element in each garment is as environmentally friendly as possible, as well as the facilities they are made in, all workers must have appropriate pay and clean, safe conditions. People are realizing that working together non dualistically is much more powerful than traditional cut throat competition, not to mention it is much softer on the soul, we actually feel good when we get along and support like minded ideas.



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