real-time-farms januaryfinal1 What it is:

www.realtimefarms.com is a crowd-sourced nationwide food guide. You can trace your food back to the farm it came from. Not only groceriers but also restaurants.

Restaurants can manage and publish their menus across multiple platforms and connect consumers, on a per igredient basis, to the images, stories and growing practices of each producer.

Why it is cool:

www.realtimefarms.com connects consumers in an information-rich way to fresh sources of food. They make it easier to learn where the food is RealTimeScreenShotcoming from. They give people the opportunity to make their own decisions because now they have the information to do so. No more false statements by restaurants that they are green or biologic because you can look for the exact ingredients in the menu. If you really care about eating local (or really liked the meat you had), you can track down every farm you’re eating from.




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