Tropa Café

1359895398_649bd8bd5aa183c5b57624716bd4ce88.620x300x1What it is:
Tropa Cafe is a concept that offers Horeca and coffee bars the opportunity to roast their own coffee. Drinking coffee has to be an experience. Nowadays drinking coffee is boring and doesn’t have an added value. Coffee has to become a festive ending of an enjoyable dinner. Tropa Café wants to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to create their own coffee. With Tropa Café you can give your own fresh perception, emotion and appearance to your product. Tropa café doesn’t only offer the beans and equipment for coffee roasting, they also provide the necessary training and guidance.

003_food-image-1184507Why it’s cool:

Tropa Cafe adds an experience to coffee. It is easy but also very fun to roast your own coffee. They contribute to the trend Experience Economy.

According to Tropa Café many restaurants claim that they offer freshly brewed coffee. However, this is not so. Many restaurants grind and convert their coffee fresh but they don’t roast their coffee themselves. With tropa café you can roast your own coffee.
Tropa Café buys his beans in Latin America and Africa. These are speciality coffees and belong to the aspect of fair trade. They are also organic. Fair trade and respect for nature and the environment are an important base for Tropa Café. Tropa Café chooses only beans with a fair and sustainable background. Here, they contribute toe the transparency trend. By roasting your own coffee you’re guaranteed that it’s fresh and honest coffee.

Also contributes Tropa Café tot the trend authenticity. By the different types of beans you can endlessly make different combinations. The types of coffee change per season because the consumer his needs change seasonally.


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