Sleek Hydroponic

What it is:

Nano Garden is a vegetable garden for the apartment kitchen, using hydroponics, so users don’t need to worry about pesticides or fertilizers. Instead of the sunlight, Nano Garden has lighting which promotes the growth of plants. The amount of light, water and nutrient supply is also controllable, so users can decide the growth speed. It lets users know when to provide water or nutrients to the plants, and Nano Garden functions as a natural air purifier, eliminating unpleasant smells.


Why it is cool:

By planting your own vegetables you know exactly what has happened with it. By using hydroponics you don’t need to worry about pesticides or fertilizers. It’s 100 % green so it’s healthier than when you buy it elsewhere because you don’t know exactly what happened with it.

nano-garden-1.jpeg.400x300_q90_crop-smartNano garden is a form of authenticity but with a modern twist. Back in the days we converted our own food outside. Now we can to that but in the comfort of our own kitchen! It contributes to the trend transparency because you’re fully involved in the process of converting your vegetables from the seed to your plate!


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