Patrick Mohr

628x471What it is:

Reebok Classics has entered into a partnership with renowned German fashion designer Patrick Mohr to present some of the brand’s most iconic Reebok Classic models in a new and unique style: The Freestyle Hi and the Ex-O-Fit Hi.

Patrick Mohr used for this show a 4,w=650,c=0.bilddifferent set up than some designers normally would do. The show was in a basement. The models where transformed into white creatures, with a single lock of hair from the mouth to the head and red dilated eyes while wearing the sportswear of Reebok designed by Patrick Mohr. Next to the model a screen presents the Reebok Classis shoes reinvented by Patrick Mohr.  At the background you heard sounds of scraping metals and machinery.

Why it’s cool:

Patrick brings exposing his work to another level. Nowadays only a model isn’t enough. We need to experience the clothes. It’s like we walk into another world, a world of dark unnatural creatures. A creature which we can’t decide whether it’s a man or a woman. The androgynous trend is a trend we see coming back more and more. This is also reflected in the show of Patrick Mohr.


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