Alexander McQueen spring 2010
Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

What it is:

Futuristic prints, we saw it all in the Plato Atlantic collection of Alexander McQueen in 2010. This phenomenon made a comeback during the New York Fashion Week in 2013.

Dion Lee 'Transit'
Dion Lee ‘Transit’

For example, Dion Lee made  a number of creations with futuristic prints. His collection features structured tailoring and architectural detailing. Origami-like folds fabric, sheer sleeves and vented suiting add to the breezy, feminine look. Another designer duo named Falguni & Shane where also inspired by the futuristic trend. Fishtail dresses wit ombre beading, a glow in the dark printed dress   and body suites paraded on the runway.

Falguni & Shane Peacock Spring 2013

Why it’s cool:

No more flower prints and polka dots. These futuristic prints take femininity to a whole new level! By adding a futuristic print to your outfit you make it more fun and you add more edge to it. This new trend gives you the possibility to experiment with other fabrics like plastic and latex. Virtual reality is a long-term trend. We see this trend also in the futuristic collections. Dion lee uses fabrics that almost lid up like the color changes and Falguni & Shane used a glow in the dark printed dress. Both to add more dimension to the garments.






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