MAC Strength Collection

What it is:

Flex your femininity with a color collection that’s fearless, elegant and strong. Strike a powerful pose, stand out, redefine the notion of beauty – and do it with strength too irresistible to ignore.

mac-strength-collection-2013MAC is known for bringing in bold and unconventional women for their campaigns. We’ve seen Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Dita von Teese as faces for the make-up brand, and they’ve shown us that beauty and glamour isn’t just for young ladies with the help of Iris Apfel and Dame Edna. For the new Strength collection, MAC has decided to take it a step further and has chosen Siberian-American bodybuilder and fitness model Jelena Abbou. In the campaign-photo Jelena shows us her impressive muscled arms while wearing a black latex ball gown and heavy MAC make-up. With this, MAC shows us that feminine power can been inside, outside or both and adds; “Strike a beautiful pose, stand out and redefine the notion of beauty…’’

Why it is cool:

Mac hasn’t chosen for the typical feminine look in this campaign. They combined the male forces such as power and strength with femininity. A bodybuilder radiates masculinity by its strong muscles. By combining the masculine features with a ball gown you get an exciting dimension. This line of cosmetics allows you to express your inner power with its bold and stand-out lipstick colors. From Party Parrot lipstick to Strong Woman Lipstick, each woman can find their own color to match their diverse personality. The MAC Strength Collection encourages woman to flex their femininity with the fearlessness and elegance that all woman inherently possess. The campaign allows women to proudly show their power through a beautiful range of bold colors.

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