Build a Beard

tumblr_mgkh90c9Lo1r5jwlho1_400What it is:

Beards are hardly an innovation in men’s fashion. We’ve seen many  on runways before, and they ebb and flow each year just like eyebrows in the womenswear shows. But this season, beards were out in full force, some to an extreme degree. It’s not just the high and tight beard that is making the comeback, but the full beard and the glorious mustache. Gillette has jumped on the bearded bandwagon and is now selling products meant for trimming facial hair rather than going the beardless route. The charity events No-Shave November and Movember have allowed men to toil with beard growth under the cause of goodness. That has tumblr_mgq9ywSMQ41r5jwlho1_1280allowed them to test the waters in the corporate world and see what is really acceptable.

Why it is cool:

The beard — a traditional signifier of age and wisdom in most cultures — had become a symbol of youthful rebellion. We are moving back to a time when men could be proud of being men, and show themselves as nature has intended – with a beard. It’s cool because it brings back the masculinity in the society. Not only a large part of the women find a beard attractive, it is also a way to distinguish yourself and to create your own style.


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