The Darling Amsterdam

This is a school assignment regarding Leisure. 

What it is:

The Darling is a sugar-sweet shopping paradise in the middle of the busy Nine Streets in Amsterdam. Their collection is a mix of unique affordable brands, design and some vintage. The products are a mix of clothing, accessories and jewelry. On entering their store evokes a ‘child entering a candy store’ feeling. To experience the ultimate ‘candy store feeling’ it is possible to buy real sugersweet cupcakes in their store for take away or to eat them in our ‘Cupcake Café’ upstairs.  The Darling Cupcake Café is a hangout where you can relax with a coffee, tea or fresh juices and take bites of macaroons, or cupcakes.

They come up with various workshops and events so you can combine shopping with a workshop, a home theater play or some nice music while enjoying cupcakes, tea and prosecco. There is also a blog and a webshop.

 Why it is cool:

The Darling is cool because they have implemented their concept very well. The candy store feeling is something new and fresh. The concept is focused on experience. While shopping you can enjoy a delicious cupcake. This makes shopping a lot more fun and interesting. You can surf on their webshop and get some inspiration on their blog. By the theater and music you forget the time and you come in another world. It’s a flagship store and fits also in with the living room society.


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