Cafe Couture

This is a school assignment regarding Leisure.

What it is:

Cafe Couture is a store where you cannot only buy clothing, you can also make your own clothes. They give workshops in: recycling, bags, baby clothes and pillows. They have also workshops especially for the man where they learn how to shorten their pants or how to fabricate buttons.

Why it’s cool:

Cafe Couture is Cool because they respond to the nostalgic desire, the trend that is happening now. You no longer buy your clothes in stores, but you make them yourself. By making your own clothes you are original and you have the possibility to create your own style. Cafe Couture offers you the possibility to recycle your own clothes. This isn’t only fun to do; it is also good for the environment! This allows you to stand out from the crowd, you safe a lot of money and you have a new one of a kind garment!


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