Coolhunting in Tilburg

While I was strawling through the streets of Tilburg, I noticed a change in the street signs. We are all aware of the blue  signs with the white letters. I was surprised to see that they changed the boring, old street signs into something new and refreshing. When I came home, I did some research on street signs and street names. I learned that hundreds of years ago some villages chose their own street names. Nowadays communities use themes for all their street names. However, that wasn’t what I was looking for. I wanted to know why they changed the signs. After a bit of research I discovered it was an initiative of the community of Tilburg. They wanted to highlight the side streets of Tilburg so they hired Paul Bogaert, a famous belgian graphic artist, to change the lay out of the street signs. We already saw the Telefoonstraat. But there are 3 other streets signs he changed: the Langestraat, the Monumentstraat and the Willem II-straat.

By LidyU



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