The year of the human brain

The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe with its 70 billion neurons. Our brains are even that complicated, that it is impossible to map it. 2014 was an important year for the human brain, mainly due to the world of art. From scientific studies about the creative brain to experimental works […]

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No more street fundraising

It becomes harder and harder not to donate money to a charity or help people in your area. Here are some examples: The 22 year old student, Zander Whitehurst, has designed a system (common pence) that has made I possible to donate your residual money on for example your ov chip, or in this case a […]

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Food in 50 years

How are we going to feed billions more people by 2050 and increase global food production by 70%? Yes, fake food.. Bio-functional materials are a possible solution for the production of food. For example it is possible to grow a burger in the lab using a few cells from a cow. And someday, it might […]

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The Quarterlifers 2/4

Start-up club A rollercoaster that is how a Quarterlifer will describe his working life. No certainty of income or a dreamjob after you finish college. Status will be realised with an enterprising attitude and by taking initiative. Work will focus on tasks and a year contract will disappear. Due to the digitalisation work becomes more […]

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The Quarterlifers 1/4

The last couple of years we constantly heard the word crisis in the Netherlands. Fortunately, we see the future with a much more positive view in 2015. The economy starts to become more stable, consumer confidence has risen and Thomas Piketty has gotten more influence about his theory about the chasm between poor and rich. […]

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Stoner culture

People often see marijuana as a problem. I am happy to see that this mind-set is shifting to a new perspective, business instead of an issue. All sorts of people are embracing the so called ‘stoner’ culture and different start-ups see this development as an opportunity. For example the Denver Post has now its own […]

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